Cloë Di Flumeri, Creative Director, Founding Co-Editor

Cloë is a nonbinary poet who lives, writes, and edits in their hometown, Philadelphia. They are a founding Co-Editor and Creative Director at The Q&A.

In 2023, Cloë received her BA in political science, international relations, and English, from Widener University. There, they met Christina Giska, and the pair launched this zine. Her most recent work appears in the Spring 2023 issue of Moonstone Arts‘s New Voices Anthology. She received Widener University’s Lowe Prize in Poetry for the years 2022 and 2023. Cloë has participated in several scholarly research projects in the social sciences and humanities, and hopes to attend graduate school for peace & conflict studies.

When she’s not writing, Cloë can be found staring blankly into space, making craft jewelry, gardening, or cooking.

Christina Giska, Technical Director, Founding Co-Editor

Christina is the Co-Founder and Technical Director of Q&A Zine, and a mechanical engineering major with a creative writing minor at Widener University. She has been published in Widener Ink and Outrageous Fortune. She also won the 2022 Mervin R. Lowe Creative Writing Prize for Fiction.

She has known about her sexuality since middle school and is incredibly thankful for all the people working behind the scenes on this zine and the people supporting it.

Emilee Araujo, Copy Editor: Prose

Emilee Araujo is a first-generation Mexican-American writer who resides in Round Rock, TX. She holds a BA in English with a film concentration and attends Texas Woman’s University where she is working on obtaining her Masters in Library Science. She aspires to write stories others can see themselves in. You can find her at the local library shelving books or follow her on Instagram @pan.dullce.

Rebecca Stevens, Copy Editor: Poetry

Rebecca Stevens (she/her) is a recent graduate of Haverford College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Creative Writing.

She was raised in Kaua’i and is currently working back home as a veterinary technician. Rebecca is a poet who enjoys writing about community, family, love, and loss. Her work has been published in Mawth Magazine.

She appreciates all forms of creative writing and is especially excited to read poetry written by queer folks. Her favorite authors at the moment are Ross Gay, Cynthia Dewi Oka, Natalie Diaz, and Anne Carson. In her spare time, she dreams of fresh fruit, home-baked bread, and the queer future resting just over the horizon.

Sarah Chapman, Art Director

Sarah Chapman (she/her) is a Creative Writing Major at Bryn Mawr College.

Her favorite genres to read and write are poetry, fiction, and memoir.  She enjoys drawing, singing, and playing the guitar, and is on the Bryn Mawr Field Hockey team.

Sarah was drawn into this zine because she felt it would serve as a wonderful platform for queer people who were in need of a safe space to express themselves through their writing and art.  “Everyone deserves to have a voice,” she says, describing this at the type of zine she has always wanted to submit to or be a part of.  She is very excited to take a look at everyone’s pieces!

Alex Strickland, Social Media

Alex Strickland (they/them) is an English major with a focus in Creative Writing at Rosemont College and loves writing short horror stories as well as screenplays in their free time. They’re super excited to help out with this zine and meet fellow queer writers and artists through this safe space. Their favorite song at the moment is a tie between “Nellie” by Dr. Dog and “Barracuda” by John Cale.

Eleanor Ball, Reading Team

Eleanor Ball (she/her) is a writer from Des Moines, Iowa. She recently escaped from The George Washington University with a BS in Public Health and English. She plans to start her MA in Library Science this fall, but until then, she is hibernating and can only be reached by carrier pigeon. Her work is featured or forthcoming in The B’K, Bullshit Lit, Stone of Madnessthe winnow, and elsewhere.

Hollis Zepp, Reading Team

Hollis Zepp (she/they) is an undergrad student at Central Washington University studying Professional and Creative Writing. She enjoys spending free time playing video games, writing poetry, and reading. They also are obsessed with true crime, and enjoy watching documentaries.

Their favorite childhood book series was Fablehaven, and now she really enjoys The Hunger Games trilogy. Her favorite video game is Batman: Arkham City. They also enjoy taking strolls in the sun with their partner, and playing volleyball in her free time.

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