By Italo Ferrante

Hi dad. How are you?
I can not sleep. I need milk.
I am gay. Good night.

I’m not too bad. Eating less meat. 
I like a man. He’s 51 years old.

Hey, dad. How is mum?
Today, I’ve learned the sentences: “I love you. You are my love. My heart is yours.”
At first, these sentences were for you. 
Now, these sentences are for the mailman with nice calfs - or calves?

Do you remember my obsession for Megara’s red hair?
I used to cover my scalp with Christmas doilies when you were at work.
Do you also remember the Hercules 3D bop bag you gave me at 4?
I started sleeping next to him when you moved to that town full of pigeons.

Dear Father,
I would like to inform you that the separation anxiety you triggered in your child, coupled with your dislike of any form of physical contact, led him to seek affectionate companionship with older men. 
I hope this message found you in a good place (ideally in a pastry shop). 
Best regards,
Your homosexual son

Message not sent. Tap to resend.

Italo Ferrante earned a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Warwick. He is currently undertaking an MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University. To date, his work has been published by Train River, Nymphs & Thugs, Orchard Lea Press, Reinvention, The Initial Journal, and Kamena Magazine

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