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How to Submit

What to Submit

Content Guidelines

***Do I have to identify as a member of the LGBT community to submit? – Yes. As Q and A Queer Zine was created to amplify queer voices, we do ask that all submitters identify as LGBT+. 

Are simultaneous submissions accepted? – Yes, but let us know at the time of submission that it is a simultaneous submission, and tell us immediately if it is accepted by a different publisher.

Do I have to be an undergraduate to submit? – Nope! While Q & A is run primarily by undergraduate students, we accept submissions from anyone. 

Can I mail a copy of my submission? – No. We only accept virtual submissions. 

Do you accept anonymous submissions? – While work can be published anonymously if accepted, we ask that you send in the submission with your name attached. If your work is accepted but you wish to be published anonymously, let us know when you receive your acceptance email. 

Are translations accepted? – If you are translating your own work, or can prove that you are translating it with permission from the original author, then yes, translations are accepted. 

Can I help edit the zine? – Yes! Contact us at Provide your name, phone number, and university name if you are in college, and we’ll get back to you shortly with details.

Do you have a question not answered here? Feel free to contact us at

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