By Drew Pisarra

Before Superman became a cliche,
before I secured a true living wage,
before man’s demise (which is on its way),
before I teetotalled and turned the page
on my diaried life as a whoring
drunk, before now (that is sobriety),
I hopped from bar to bed, from shots to flings
uncorrupted by anonymity. 
For sure, I had blackouts (and felt remorse)
but a wild life’s not kin to corrosion.
I found recreational intercourse
could melt my cares (like a magic potion).
How else to explain that screwball high
care of Clark Kent of the Lower East Side?

Drew Pisarra is the author of Infinity Standing Up (2019), a homoerotic sonnet collection published by Capturing Fire Press, and You’re Pretty Gay (2021), a short story collection published by Chaffinch Press. He’s a 2019 grantee of Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation and a 2021 grantee of Curious Elixirs: Curious Creators. His commissioned radio play The Strange Case of Nick M. premiered on K-BOO-fm c/o Imago Theatre in May 2021.

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