By Alyssa Jones

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Use of antiquated racial slurs

mulatto (n.)

	literally "one who is the offspring of a European and a black African"
	literally "of mixed breed"
	literally "young mule"

I’m more of a horse person.
I rode horses as a kid, you know.
My family in Florida has some. 
Work animals, but sweet ones.
We both love carrots.

	from mulo "mule" 
	from Latin mulus (fem. mula) "mule"

In fact, carrot cake is one of my favorite cakes.
I also like ice cream cake, but you can’t lie and call that healthy.
And you definitely can’t give it to horses.
Or donkeys.
And probably not mules.

	possibly in reference to hybrid origin of mules
	compare Greek hēmi-onos: "a mule," literally "a half-ass" 

I’ll have you know I never half-ass anything.

	as an adjective, "one of mixed race"
	origin: 1590s

My mom’s family comes from German and Irish settlers, setting roots down the east coast.
My dad’s family comes from . . .
Lots of places, probably.
13% Senegal, according to
The official language of Senegal is French, but Wolof is the most widely spoken.
I don’t know either. 
For that matter, I don’t know German. Or Gaelic.
I did take French in high school, though. It’s just been a while.

	literally "born of disparate parents”

Well, they got at least one thing right.

Alyssa N. E. Jones is a 22-year old queer writer from Georgia. She recently graduated from Columbia University, with a double major of creative writing and evolutionary biology of the human species. Her paper “Do Non-Human Primates Have Culture?” was published in volume 9 of Columbia’s student-run journal, Sapient. Her poetry often deals thematically with her race, sexuality, family, and upbringing. When not writing, she enjoys playing with her cat and going dancing with her friends.

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