By Drew Pisarra

When you’ve slept with as many men as me,
some strange bedfellows will enter the ranks:
men you’d prefer were not sexually
part of your past, are…and not just as pranks.
You were way too old—a decade from death,
a former model who’d been nipped and tucked,
a minted old bachelor with menthol breath,
whose eyebrows and pubes were artfully plucked.
How was I seduced? Why did I go back?
I hardly found your face that attractive.
My searchlight was broken, my dick gone slack. 
The greed in your touch proved non-reactive.
I can’t put in words why I drank that champagne
but drink it I did. I should’ve abstained.

Drew Pisarra is the author of Infinity Standing Up (2019), a homoerotic sonnet collection published by Capturing Fire Press, and You’re Pretty Gay (2021), a short story collection published by Chaffinch Press. He’s a 2019 grantee of Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation and a 2021 grantee of Curious Elixirs: Curious Creators. His commissioned radio play The Strange Case of Nick M. premiered on K-BOO-fm c/o Imago Theatre in May 2021.

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