By akhir ali

like her mama and the mama before that mama
she is a descendant 
of discernment 
mis-shapen in-sincere touch and
unasked for
unyearned for
presences and 

where the Clit should be an eye shines like quartz in geothermal waters
with kaleidoscopic vision she embraces death
wades whispers welcomes 
swells like a question beating in the chest 

the only portal god put on this earth enunciates its burden in blood. 
becomes its own blessing by choice.
i hum the chromosomes 
i split deep waters 
like prophet 
extend root and loam 
into the 
manifold darkness 
where truth of all flesh
make meaningful promise 
to return

akhir ali (she/they) is a writer who explores intimacy, contradiction, disembodiment, and ancestry. They are a published author and contributor in Salty, Autostraddle, Meeting of Minds UK, and others. They are pursuing their MFA in Fiction at Sarah Lawrence College.

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