By Em Ricciardi

They are

but the grammar snobs shout
They refers to multiple people.
I want to say
who told you I was only one person?
There is a me that's male 
and a me that's female
and a me that's both
and a me that's neither.
There is a me at work who is a quiet, polite, hard worker.
There is a me at home who swears like a sailor and does absolutely nothing.
There is a me with friends who laughs too loud
and a me with family who talks too loud
and a me with strangers who doesn't make any sound.
There is a me afraid of everything
and a me afraid of nothing.
There is a me that smiles at good news
and a me who cries at bad.
There is a me who wrote this poem
and a me who would rather throw it away.
There is a me and a me and a me
and we are all me but we are not all each other.
They are 
cannot refer to one person I'm told
and I say 
I contain multitudes.
And they are all me.

Em Ricciardi is a life-long lover of stories: the good, the bad, and everything in-between. Their passion extends to writing queer-focused short stories and poetry that are usually only shared among friends. They are pleased to be sharing these two poems to a wider audience. In their professional life, Em works at the Library Company of Philadelphia as a cataloger and can occasionally be found stage managing at various community theaters. When not working or attempting to write, they enjoy playing ttrpgs, watching silly internet shows, and collecting truly ridiculous amounts of Stitch memorabilia. 

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