By Jacob R. Moses

1. Toby

Oh Benjamin - alas I’ve waited long
Upon Masada, you captured my eyes
Your shoulders were broad, muscular, and strong
But I could see through your macho disguise
When we met, you were battling your past
One racked with heroin inside its blood
Was not around to see this toxic fast
Wished I could hold your hand when tears would flood
But here you are, a new man has emerged
Your soul more beautiful since we first kissed
Those demons exorcised, dependence purged
And here in Tel Aviv, I see your bliss
Now that you’ve overcame impending doom
I love you and want you to be my groom

2. Benji

Tobias - man who soothed my memories
When you wanted to die, it hurt my soul
Depression was not your identity
We helped each other stay healthy and whole
This beauty within you was always there
Jerusalem reflected in your glance
I saw your brilliance under your red hair
And gloomy as you were, I took a chance
So here I sit, I’m listening with glee
Asked this question I thought I’d never hear
We’ve both been broken, but from what I see
Cracks in our souls are what make us sincere
Locked eyes and lips in Tzfat, we have been blessed
I love you dearly; my answer is yes

3. ToBenji

We gather here with two souls blessed by God
Within both of you are true miracles
Upon this altar, there is no facade
Love story, so hopeful and lyrical
When broken people have little to hide
Love is the antidote that helps you mend
You had to struggle and heal from inside
But here you stand, your union - a godsend
You sat in Eilat underneath the stars
It set the stage for love and redemption
Though both of you were wounded, left with scars
You earned each other’s heart and affection
“I do!” exclaimed, and now it shall be said
Toby and Benji - I pronounce you wed

Jacob R. Moses (AKA Jack M. Freedman) is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. Publications featuring his work span fifteen countries. He penned the full-length poetry book, Grimoire (iiPublishing, 2021). 

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